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 A relaxed home theater with a sectional, large movie screen, Sony projector, seating area, and pool table.


What takes a home theater design from a room where the family casually enjoys Friday movie nights to an experience that surpasses the best cinemas in McLean, VA? As with most of the finer things in life, it’s all about customization. No two families or homeowners are the same, and their home theaters should reflect this difference. 

At Innovative Audio and Video, our personalized approach starts by getting to know your vision, lifestyle, and how you’ll use this space that offers the best home entertainment. Do you want the ultimate immersive cinematic experience with no distractions? Would you like to incorporate gaming? Or, do you see it as a social space to gather with friends and family and enjoy good food, drinks, and the big game or the latest blockbuster?

While many elements come together to create your ultimate home theater, the essential first step is listening. Let’s explore two of the nearly limitless possibilities in home theater design.

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An Expert Home Theater Installation Takes You to Another Realm

A home theater with a Sony projector, large screen, tiered sectionals, and acoustic paneling.

Explore the Many Components of Professional Home Theater Design

With the right design and integration, today’s home theater experience can surpass the local cineplex in Arlington, VA. The secret lies in the advancements in audio-video technology that let you experience the all-encompassing surround sound and vivid, lifelike images, taking you to another world right from the comfort of your home.

Are you ready to experience your very own immersive private home cinema?

At Innovative Audio and Video, every home theater installation is one-of-a-kind. We’ll explore the ideal room, how you’ll use the space, and the equipment that best suits your needs and budget. From luxury seating to brilliant lighting and acoustic paneling, every detail is carefully curated, creating an experience that exceeds your expectations.

Let’s explore the latest components that take your home theater from a place to watch movies to a space that captivates and transports. 

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Enjoy One-Touch Control of Daylight & Privacy with Motorized Shades

Lutron motorized shades halfway lowered over dining room windows.

Explore Lutron’s Abundant Functionality and Features 

Home automation has transformed our everyday lives, providing effortless control of lighting, climate, security, and entertainment. Now, with one touch of a button, your lights change to every color imaginable, your favorite playlist streams through nearly-invisible speakers, the temperature adjusts, and the doors lock.

It’s a remarkable world we live in. 

Of the many automated solutions, one of our clients’ favorites is motorized shades. They no longer need to manually open them in the morning or close them when the sun's glare disrupts the TV or computer screen. Their smart shades manage daylight and privacy for them, creating the perfect level of natural light. 

Let's explore the beauty, protection, and ease of living these automated shades offer and how they transform homes in McLean, VA.

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Enjoy a Luxurious Ease of Living with Home Automation

A woman sitting on a couch with a tablet. Large picture windows surround her with shades partially drawn.

A Savant Smart Home Offers the Ultimate in Luxury Living

Home automation is all about creating a convenient and luxurious lifestyle. At Innovative Audio and Video, we partner with Savant, an industry leader in personalized and easy-to-use automated solutions for luxury homes. As the first smart home platform to embrace mobile technology, it enables homeowners to manage their properties from the Savant App with one touch and from anywhere in the world.

Today, you can manage your climate, lighting, security, pool and spa, energy, and entertainment from a touchscreen, remote, keypad, or mobile device. Because Savant’s intuitive interface carries across all devices, you’re ensured unrivaled ease of use. 

Let’s explore the makings of a smart home and what it offers homeowners and their families in Arlington, VA. 

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