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The Essence of Luxury

Savant offers curated smart home technology solutions for unrivaled comfort and elegance. Work with a Savant dealer to enhance your Arlington, VA or Washington, D.C. home.

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whole home audio and video

Optimize your home with one-touch control of your technology and instant access to your favorite entertainment. Savant delivers high-resolution images and lossless audio for the ultimate audio video experience.

Foster the Ultimate Experience

Immerse yourself in stellar audio and video quality.

IP Audio 50

Relish in your favorite audio recordings with Savant’s all-in-one IP music solution. Make the most of your theater with built-in streaming services like Spotify and Pandora and 50-watt amplification per channel.

IP Audio 125

Enjoy even greater quality with Savant’s IP Audio 125 solution. With 125-watts per channel and additional AirPlay support, it seamlessly carries high-performance audio to your theater using your network.

IP Video Input

Distribute 4K, HDR-quality video without the need for extensive cabling. Fiber optic solutions offer striking image quality and zero latency for a crystal-clear image and a more streamlined installation.

Video Tiling In The Pro App

Revamp your theater by transforming it into a multiple-screen installation in seconds. On the app, split your screen into tiles with each featuring different content to follow multiple sports games or view various surveillance feeds.


Masterfully craft a beautiful, comfortable and efficient living space with cutting-edge lighting solutions from Savant. Control the intensity and hue of the lighting in your home to paint the perfect picture.

Lighting for Any Environment

Design the ultimate atmosphere at the press of a button.


Enjoy perfect lighting control throughout the day with personalized lighting scenes. Recall the ideal settings for waking up or watching a movie through your mobile app or by scheduling scenes to happen at a given time every day.


TrueImage lets you simultaneously change the color and brightness of the virtual light in your room’s photo and in your real-world environment. Love the new settings? Save them as a new scene.


Effortless, elegant and exceptional. Control solutions ranging from mobile apps to voice control let you cultivate the ultimate luxury lifestyle in your smart home. Explore the options below to find the ones that work best for you.

Embrace an Exceptional Lifestyle

Naturally manage technology in your own way.
Savant Pro Remote
Remotes don’t have to be a thing of the past if you love the feeling of tactile buttons. Your remotes can do much more with Savant including adjusting climate and lights, pulling up your favorite scenes, and integrating voice recognition.
Metro Keypad
Beautiful Metro keypads reduce your wall clutter and offer immediate access to your most frequently used technology. Each keypad is available in various designs with buttons you can program from your app to control lights, shades and more.
Savant Pro App
All your technology right in the palm of your hand. Stylish and simple to use, the Savant Pro App offers comprehensive control of your entire home from anywhere in the world. Personalize for each family member to easily access their favorite features.
Savant Touch
Take unrivaled control of your smart home with sleek Savant touchpads. Mounted on the wall or on your coffee table, their high-resolution graphics make it easy to navigate lighting, entertainment and security features.
Alexa Voice Control
Add another layer of convenience with hands-off control of your smart home. Turn Alexa into your personal butler and tell it to turn off a particular light, pull up your go-to Goodnight Scene, or dim all the lights in a given room.
Google Assistant Integration
For more voice recognition options, add Google Assistant integration to your home. Offered in a variety of devices including speakers, smartphones and watches, Google Assistant is just a word away when you want to use your technology.
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