Build Your Dream Home Theater with Customized Fortress Seating


The Home Theater Furniture Brand That Builds Exactly What You Want  

As an audio-video installer based in Arlington, VA, we often geek out over the surround sound and projector screen options for home theaters. But just as crucial to the cinematic experience is home theater seating. To create the luxury cinema of your imagination, you’ll need quality furniture with customizable options.  

You want home theater seating that will last a lifetime and won’t start fraying or peeling in a couple of years. You need comfort, style, and versatility. That’s why we recommend Fortress Seating for all high-end home theater projects.  

Fortress’family-owned business still adheres to the same principles it was founded on 80 years ago, building all their furniture in-house. Fortress uses high-quality materials like hard alder woods, Baltic birch, antique nail heads, and real leather with double-stitched seams. They’re the paramount choice in home theater seating, and Fortress can build seating exactly as you want it.   

How? Discover your options from Fortress below.  

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Swap the Living Room for the Patio with Outdoor Entertainment


Get Inspired by These Outdoor Audio & Video Ideas  

Do you ever feel guilty ‘wasting’ a warm spring or summer day indoors? When the weather’s nice here in Arlington, VA, you might feel the desire to make the most of the weekend, not spending it inside watching Netflix.  

But what if you took your movie marathons under the sky or enjoyed comedy TV with the chirping birds in the morning? Weatherproof, outdoor TVs make that possible. And with an outdoor sound system, you can amplify your screen’s sound or add music to backyard activities.  

If you’re curious about how outdoor entertainment works or what your options are, find out below! 

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