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Renovating? 5 Audio-Video Installation Ideas for Your Home

An outdoor TV mounted on a brick wall on a roof-covered patio.

Find the Perfect AV Solutions from Innovative Audio and Video

If you’re renovating your home or building a new house, now’s the perfect time to think about an audio-video installation. Waiting until after-the-fact means you might have to deal with unsightly wires or less-than-reliable wireless connections. During construction, we can install wires and hardware within the walls for a clean aesthetic. 

Even if you aren’t undergoing a home renovation, there’s always a way to upgrade your home entertainment. So if you’re a music or movie lover, explore these five home audio-video ideas we offer in McLean, VA. 

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The Benefits Of Working With A Professional Home Theater Company


Enjoy an Ultra-Realistic Theater Experience InThe Comfort Of Your Home

A home theater offers the best of both worlds – an entertainment experience without the fuss of leaving your home to make the journey to the cinema. If you're intrigued by the idea of a personal theater in your home, you might also be considering making it a DIY project, but there are some things you should take into account before you reject any professional help. Take a look at some of the reasons why you should work with a professional home theater company in McLean, VA. 

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Technology is an ever-growing part of our modern lives with products that enhance how we work, play, and live. A professionally installed smart home automation system does more than offer idle distractions. Instead, you get to experience the luxury of a home fit to your needs and desires. 

Your home is more than a collection of devices; it is an intimate ecosystem that sustains, entertains, and invigorates you. The control system you use should be built from the ground up to cater to your comfort. Savant utilizes intuitive interfaces and a network of interconnected systems to regulate your home’s operation, from heating and cooling to multiroom AV and human-centric lighting.

Are you looking to make your McLean, VA home more connected to your lifestyle? Then continue reading below to find out how. 

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Personalize Your Home With Lighting Control Fit For Your Lifestyle



Lighting influences your perceptions, sets your comfort level, and even determines your general well-being.

The illumination of your house is often seen in practical terms, where the function is simply a means to an end. However, a well-designed lighting control system gives you the ability to match the environment to your lifestyle. For example, create some ambiance in your home theater, or have the automation and motorized shades wake you gently to start the day.

Your home is a personal ecosystem, and we see lighting as a vital part of the integrated experience. The pieces work in concert with each component enhancing how you work, play, and relax.

Are you intrigued by how personalized lighting benefits you and your Arlington, VA home? Continue reading to learn more.

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5 Media Room Ideas You’ll Want to Copy at Home


Take Your Home Entertainment to the Next Level

It’s not quite a home theater, but not just a living room either—it’s a media room! A media room is the perfect space to entertain friends and family, watch a movie, play pool, or listen to music over dedicated loudspeakers. It’s flexible, versatile, and doesn’t have to fit a specific mold.

Whether you’ve decided to finally put the basement to good use or are moving into a new home, create a media room that your family will love and use all the time. Below, we share our media room design ideas to get you inspired for your McLean, VA home.

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Build Your Dream Home Theater with Customized Fortress Seating


The Home Theater Furniture Brand That Builds Exactly What You Want  

As an audio-video installer based in Arlington, VA, we often geek out over the surround sound and projector screen options for home theaters. But just as crucial to the cinematic experience is home theater seating. To create the luxury cinema of your imagination, you’ll need quality furniture with customizable options.  

You want home theater seating that will last a lifetime and won’t start fraying or peeling in a couple of years. You need comfort, style, and versatility. That’s why we recommend Fortress Seating for all high-end home theater projects.  

Fortress’family-owned business still adheres to the same principles it was founded on 80 years ago, building all their furniture in-house. Fortress uses high-quality materials like hard alder woods, Baltic birch, antique nail heads, and real leather with double-stitched seams. They’re the paramount choice in home theater seating, and Fortress can build seating exactly as you want it.   

How? Discover your options from Fortress below.  

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