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Motorized Shades for Floor-to-Ceiling Windows & Skylights


See How Lutron Enhances Your Interior Design While Simplifying Shading 

Ceiling-high windows and skylights are excellent for natural light and making your home feel more spacious. But the downside?

For one, wall-length windows offer less privacy. You might accidentally keep drapes closed all day out of inconvenience. And occasionally, especially with skylights, you’ll find there’s too much sunlight beaming through the windows, like when you’re trying to take a daytime nap, watch a movie in the home theater, or keep the house cool.

That’s why Lutron motorized shades are a gift to any homeowner with large or unusually placed windows. Their motorized window treatments can be activated instantly for the entire house but are especially helpful in those expansive or hard-to-reach places.

Motorized shades let you enjoy the view and sunlight more often and enjoy privacy instantly when you need it. Lutron offers stylish options in various fabrics, materials, and opacities to complement your interior décor.

To see how motorized shades will assist your Arlington, VA lifestyle, learn more below.

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