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Can Outdoor TVs & Speakers Stay Outside All Year? And Other Questions

A nighttime scene of a father and daughter sitting under string lights on a patio with an outdoor TV.

We Answer Frequently-Asked Outdoor Entertainment Questions

Days without winter coats may feel like distant memories, but warmer weather will return to Northern Virginia before we know it. And when it does, are you hoping to spend more time outdoors at home? 

You can make the most of your backyard, patio, porch, and poolside with weatherproof outdoor entertainment. From outdoor TVs to audio and landscaping lighting, we install outdoor technology systems that blend seamlessly into your landscaping. 

But how do outdoor TVs and speakers work? Are they safe to keep outside when it rains? We answer all your outdoor entertainment questions below so you can get inspired for your McLean, VA, home! 

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5 Outdoor Entertainment Technologies You Might Not Know About


Why Stay Indoors When You Can Take Entertainment Outside? 

Most people have a television and sound system in their living rooms, bedrooms, or home theaters. But not everybody owns or is even familiar with outdoor entertainment technology. Unless you’ve seen outdoor AV at a friend’s house, you might not know what’s possible. 

If you’re hoping to renovate your patio, porch, or outdoor areas this season, consider adding these five outdoor entertainment technologies for the ultimate backyard experience.

Innovative AV in Arlington, VA designs and installs outdoor systems that blend naturally into landscaping. Here are the outdoor technologies we’re most excited about this year! 

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The Beginner’s Guide to Landscape Lighting Design


New to Outdoor Lighting? Start Here.

Are you ready to add beauty and warmth to your home’s outdoor spaces? Landscape lighting can do wonders to any property, turning patios, fireplaces, plants, and architecture into a spectacle.

But for the best results, you need to approach the project with an intentional landscape lighting design. Not all outdoor lights create the same effect, and you’ll need to consider things like a transformer, wiring, and where it will all go.

Whether you’re set on DIY or could use the help of a professional, read on for our landscape lighting advice. You’ll see your Arlington, VA home in an all-new light.

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Technology is an ever-growing part of our modern lives with products that enhance how we work, play, and live. A professionally installed smart home automation system does more than offer idle distractions. Instead, you get to experience the luxury of a home fit to your needs and desires. 

Your home is more than a collection of devices; it is an intimate ecosystem that sustains, entertains, and invigorates you. The control system you use should be built from the ground up to cater to your comfort. Savant utilizes intuitive interfaces and a network of interconnected systems to regulate your home’s operation, from heating and cooling to multiroom AV and human-centric lighting.

Are you looking to make your McLean, VA home more connected to your lifestyle? Then continue reading below to find out how. 

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