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Get Inspired by These Outdoor Audio & Video Ideas  

Do you ever feel guilty ‘wasting’ a warm spring or summer day indoors? When the weather’s nice here in Arlington, VA, you might feel the desire to make the most of the weekend, not spending it inside watching Netflix.  

But what if you took your movie marathons under the sky or enjoyed comedy TV with the chirping birds in the morning? Weatherproof, outdoor TVs make that possible. And with an outdoor sound system, you can amplify your screen’s sound or add music to backyard activities.  

If you’re curious about how outdoor entertainment works or what your options are, find out below! 


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Weatherproof, Anti-Glare TVs   

Even if you install an ordinary flat screen under a roof or covering, it can’t withstand moisture and extreme temperatures without malfunctioning. And while waterproof TVs can handle H2O, they won’t be bright enough to see properly in the daytime.  

Luckily, SunBriteTV manufactures screens built specifically for outdoor use. The display is ultra-bright, up to 4-6 times brighter than an indoor screen. For context, SunBriteTV is used in professional sports arenas like Gillette Stadium, Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, and more. Splash water on it, leave it out in the snow—your TV will be fine!  


Outdoor Speakers in All Varieties  

SunBriteTV also manufactures weatherproof soundbars to amplify the sound of your outdoor screen. But if you want to bring audio to every corner of your yard, from the porch to the poolwe recommend weather-resistant speakers by Coastal Source 

Coastal Source’s 3-Way Ellipse Bollards bring powerful sound to outdoor spaces, with low, mid, and high-range frequencies you can distinctly hear. Want to emphasize those low bass notes? Subwoofers aren’t just for the home theater. Coastal Source’s Bollard Subwoofer can be installed above-ground or in-ground for a discreet appearance.  

For minimalistic homeowners, Coastal Source’s small bullet models or rock speakers blend into your landscaping like a garden gnome. A professional installation can trench wires underground and connect all your speakers to one system, so you can quickly select songs for the whole yard.  


Rust-Resistant Outdoor Lighting  

We’re going to need a little light while we’re enjoying drinks and music by the poolCoastal Source builds landscape lighting fixtures made of solid brass that will never rust or corrode. You can count on their bullet lights, pathway lights, tree lights, and step lights to last year after year through every season.  


DIY or a Professional Installation?  

If you’re handy, you may be able to mount and wire a few outdoor speakers. But if you want a more expansive system that’s all synched together, trust the pros. We’re experienced with landscape lighting and can make your home’s architecture and trees shine. We’ll also connect your speakers, TV, and lights to one intuitive smart system you can access via phone, tablet, or remote. Right on your smart home tabletyou can program automated scenes (such as “Patio”) that adjust the lights and music to the perfect settings instantly.  


If you’re interested in landscape lighting and entertainment in the Arlington area, let Innovative AV help transform your outdoor spaces. Contact our team to get started today!  

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