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Exploring the Evolution of Home Lighting Automation

Image is of a brown color scheme living room with ceiling lights.

Discover the impact of updating your smart home’s lighting and automation

The concept of home lighting automation has evolved quickly over the past ten to twenty years. Innovative AV is a local Arlington contractor specializing in lighting automation for homes and commercial spaces across Virginia, so we know a thing or two about where things are headed. 

That evolution has taken us from yesterday’s dimmer switches to today’s automated controls and has revolutionized how we illuminate our smart homes. These new technologies have also become more energy-efficient and convenient, and their sleek and modern look blends into the room's ambiance. As technology advances, we can expect automation to become even more sophisticated as it integrates with AI.

5 Surprising Benefits of Lighting Automation

 A smartphone with the Savant lighting automation app. In the background is a modern home with high ceilings.

See How Smart Lighting Control Can Enhance Your Home & Daily Life 

If you’re undergoing a home renovation or building a new house, now’s the perfect opportunity to switch to lighting automation

What’s lighting automation? We’re glad you asked! It’s the ability to intelligently control lights at both the individual level and by rooms and zones. When you own a smart system like Lutron or Savant, you can fine-tune the color and brightness of your lights, saving your preferences to experience at any time. 

But lighting automation isn’t just for playing with colors. There are real, handy benefits it can provide your home and family in McLean, VA. Read on to discover five advantages you may not have expected from lighting control! 

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