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The Smart Home Company Providing the Best in Smart Home Living

A woman walking on the other side of an open doorway by the pool. A smartphone displays the Savant App.

Experience the Difference a Savant Ambassador Brings

As a leading smart home company serving McLean, VA, and the surrounding areas, we’re often asked why we partner with Savant, a home automation platform. While there are many reasons, some of the most compelling are the personalization, ease of use, and capabilities. Integrated into some of the most prestigious homes in the area, it’s designed for any size estate.

The bottom line? Once you live in a Savant home, you’ll never live any other way. Let’s explore some of their most popular features.

Does Your Living Space Need Home AV?

Woman sitting on the couch hugging her child.

Today's Advanced Audio Video Is So Much More than Movies and Music!

There's no denying that our homes have become more than just places to eat and sleep; they are our entertainment hubs, our relaxation sanctuaries, and our workspaces. In short, we do pretty much everything at home.

With rapid technological advancements, home audio-visual (AV) systems have transformed how we experience our living spaces, extending far beyond dance parties and family movie nights. But is a home AV system right for you? Read on to explore the benefits of integrating AV technology into your McLean, VA, home!

Get Most Out of Your Home Theater Design and Collaborate with a Professional

Couple sitting in a dark home theater with a projector in the background.

Discover what an Innovative AV expert can do for your home media space!

Creating a home theater is a dream for many homeowners. With the right design, you can transform a regular Arlington, VA, room into a space to enjoy your favorite films, TV shows, and games with friends and family. 

Designing a home theater involves more than just picking out a big-screen television and some comfortable seating. Working with a professional can make a significant difference. Read on to explore how to collaborate with a professional to get the most out of your home theater design!

The Benefits of Working with a Premier Smart Home Company

A woman sitting on a couch watching TV with a Savant remote in hand and motorized shades partially lowered.

Enjoy the Ultimate Smart Home Living

At Innovative Audio and Video, we’re excited to bring the latest technology in home automation to our clients in McLean, VA, and the surrounding areas. As a smart home company with over 35 years of experience in the industry, we create customized solutions designed for your unique needs and challenges, ensuring an exceptional smart home experience. 

What does this experience look like? 

Gone are light switches, manual window coverings, and multiple remotes for every AV device. In their place are custom-engraved in-wall keypads, high-resolution touchscreens, one remote, and voice commands. You manage your lighting, shades, thermostats, fans, audio, video, pool, spa, security, and more from one or every device. You can also control your home’s systems from anywhere via your mobile app. You can even let your smart home set the stage for you.

Let’s explore the remarkable world of smart home living and what you can expect from our expert team at Innovative Audio and Video.

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