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Enhance Your Movie-Watching Experience with a Home Theater Company

A home theater with a widescreen display, floor-standing speakers, and gray couches.

Partnering with a professional lets you experience a cinematic feel in the comfort of home

Movies are engaging pieces of art that submerge you into new worlds. But that magic goes to waste when you watch them on a regular TV with an ordinary sound system. If you truly want to experience a cinematic feel at home, you need high-performance solutions that are truly immersive.

But home cinemas aren’t only about the displays and speakers. The entire room’s features from lighting to decor play a part in elevating the movie-watching experience. Instead of a DIY installation, consider hiring a professional home theater company to do the job.

Read on to discover how a pro can help you create a picture-perfect home theater in your McLean, VA, residence.


The Perfect Ambiance

Before moving toward the audio-visual effects, setting the atmosphere for movies should be a top priority. When you work with professionals, they design the entire scheme for the home cinema. From the seating to the lighting, every aspect is taken into consideration during the design phase.

For example, lighting control dims ambient lighting once the movie starts and raises it back up when the credits start rolling for a real movie theater feel. Plus, the placement of the seating is also crucial for getting the best view without straining your use. Your seating distance will vary depending on the size of your screen. 

High-Quality Visuals

Can’t decide whether to choose a projector or a TV? Let the pro decide. Top TV brands offer stellar brightness, but for a display that covers the entire wall, projectors are still the better option. Whichever you use, we work with leading brands to ensure you get a high-resolution image with true-to-life colors that make every scene lifelike. You can be sure to get results beyond your expectations when it comes to image quality.

Audio Tailored for Movies

While the visuals are the highlight of the home cinema, the audio impacts your movie experience even more. If you’re short on space, we can install the speakers inside walls or ceilings, allowing you to reduce clutter. We create a surround sound effect that encompasses you from all sides. No matter how high-quality your visuals may be, everything goes down the drain without exceptional sound to back them up.We calibrate the audio specifically to your theater dimensions to create the best sound possible. 

Innovative Audio and Video should be your go-to home theater company in McLean, VA. We have helped many homeowners integrate the best home entertainment solutions. Get started on your project today by calling (703) 239-4428. You can also fill out an easy contact form to schedule a meeting with our team. 

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